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I want to post the Mickey and Minnie heads all colored from the computer, but I’m worried that someone may try and steal my idea. ):

I have such a good graphic idea and UGH. Want to spill the beans but I can’t. ):

I said I was going to add the Mickey and Minnie heads to some designs, but I have contacted Disney about possibly using the designs to sell on shirts and things so I will not yet create anything with them.

March 31, 2014 | 4 notes | Reblog Post
msannaelisabeth: Do you have a list of the fonts that we can choose from for a request?

Ah, we do not! I thought about putting it up one day, but we have two graphics designers so we won’t have the same fonts. Besides that, it sounds really childish, but I don’t want people to know the exact fonts we have because we don’t want people copying us. It DOES happen.

Just try to be specific of what type of font you like. You could, if you wanted to, go through some of the graphics and tell us if you like the font style in it. (:

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

March 23 2014 | 3 weeks ago