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If we can get 50 “likes” and “reblogs” on the giveaway post (see previous posting—not this one), then I’ll open up the giveaway!

July 23, 2014 | 0 notes | Reblog Post
Hey y’all!

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately! Where are all of our fans?
“Like” and “reblog” this post if you’re interested in a giveaway! (Who doesn’t like free stuff?!)

P.S. Our requests are open and we have nothing in our inbox. Now would be the perfect time to send one in if you’ve been waiting!

July 21, 2014 | 11 notes | Reblog Post
Go "LIKE" our Facebook page and submit you requests!


Empty inbox = zero awaiting requests

Hey, y’all. Were going to try and use our Facebook page a lot more than we have been. All the admins are on here and on Facebook so have access to all of the requests. Feel free to go “LIKE” our page on Facebook! We’ve only got about 500 there so far 😂 we’re working on it!

countrygirlstateofmind: Do you have a list of the kinds of graphics y'all do?

We have tags on our page that will link you to basic categories of graphics, yes.

July 10 2014 | 1 week ago
countrygirlstateofmind: Do y'all have the patterns listed some where?

We have no patterns listed anywhere, no. Just be specific

July 10 2014 | 1 week ago