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Hey perfectsoutherncreations, I was just wondering if you ladies had received my request? I think i sent it about 2 weeks ago. No rush, I was just making sure you got it. Thank you so much.

We got your request. We’ve been super busy so the requests have been at a standstill lately. We’ll get on em asap!

October 10, 2014 | 1 note | Reblog Post
southernbigboooty: Yes can I get a wallpapaer with the cute deer sign with my name jessica on it and then a bow for the deer in pink and another wallpaper all the same design but with the name whitney thanks so much

southernbigboooty what size wallpaper do you need? You didn’t tell us what phone you have, so we don’t know what size to make your request.

October 3 2014 | 2 weeks ago
devonsgurl0628: Will yall make me a graphic? I would like a black and glitter chevron stripe background and in the muddle say "carly" and "devon" in turquoise and then our date 6/28/14 below in turquoise also?

devonsgurl0628, what color did you want the glitter?

September 28 2014 | 3 weeks ago


This goes for everyone, please do not request the same thing from us, bootscootingraphics​, or perfectsoutherncreations​. You can request from multiple blogs that isn’t the issue, just don’t request the exact same thing from multiple blogs. 

Do not disrespect us or the other graphics blog by requesting the exact same thing from multiple blogs. 

Just a heads up, graphic designers do talk to each other. Even though we all own different sites, it’s a waste of our time to do the same request that someone else made, only because you couldn’t be patient enough for us to get to your request. We have a list of people who have done this; do it multiple times and none of us will do your requests anymore.

September 1, 2014 | 5 notes | Reblog Post

Please DO NOT send the same requests to both our tumblr and our facebook. We have been getting a lot of duplicate requests from the same people, and your request will not be done any faster. Thanks y’all!

August 31, 2014 | 2 notes | Reblog Post